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Photography provided by Salvatore Scarpa on the set of BEING GRACE 2018

Photography provided by Natalya Micic on the set of A MATTER OF CAUSALITY 2019


It's kind of fun to do the impossible



We Mentor Through Film

For more than two decades, we have been involved in programs - both in the United Kingdom and abroad - that use the performing arts as a route to support young people into the creative industries.  That process has come full circle, bringing the emerging talent we identify into contact with real world experience, while also providing support and ongoing mentorship into employment.

London holds a unique place within the world's creative industry and opening doors for new talent is our passion.

Undertaking this process is better when we work as a team, and through community partnerships and donations from our program supporters, we are able to provide high quality opportunities to the program mentees.

All monies received as donations to Mentor Through Film are applied directly to access equipment, film locations and logistical elements to make projects possible.

Mentees are selected based on talent and potential and commit their time and skills to the program.

We create opportunities for our community partners and project supporters to connect with our work regularly, and to see the impact of their donations.



In the summer of 2018, Mentor Through Film completed its first full length feature film: BEING GRACE. This film was made possible entirely through the support of our community partners, and has now entered the distribution process.

In the summer of 2019, A MATTER OF CAUSALITY, our second feature length project, completed principal photography. This project has provided opportunities for new and emerging actors to show off their skill in front of the camera, and brought new talent in play in behind the scenes roles as well.

We greatly appreciate your support to help build a platform for the talent of tomorrow to thrive.



Opening new opportunities for emerging talent to make a lasting impact

We hope you take this opportunity to support our vision, and are greatly appreciative of any contribution you can make.  We share our process and progress with our donors and partners - as you are part of the mentorship journey for these emerging talents, and we want our community to share in their successes and challenges.


Mentees participate without any cost to them, as Mentor Through Film work hard to provide opportunities where we select participants purely based on their talent and potential.


You will become a part of our creative community. Your donation will help us develop ongoing mentorship opportunities in the creative industries.


Donating £100 will see you become a supporter of emerging talent. Every project is brought to fruition by community partners such as yourself.


Your support of the creative endeavours of Mentor Through Film helps to open doors for up-and-coming new talents as they grow their skillsets for a challenging industry.


Technical, costuming, Make-up artists, catering, design, production assistant - your skills will make a real difference in the lives of our mentorship talent.


Feature films need somewhere to film.  If you have a location that would like to partner with the initiative, please feel free to get in contact and we discuss how to work together.


There is an immense amount of talent and support that goes into bringing each mentorship project to fruition.  We make solid use of donations in varied areas across the production - if you can think of it - advertisement, cinema space, transport - we can use it all.





Some of the lovely organisations who have supported our goals so far



From new and emerging to industry pros, Raindance connects, trains, supports, and promotes visual storytellers through every step of their career.

You can link to Raindance by clicking on the button above, and use code TAPPINGFROG to get a 20% discount on membership and courses.


Salvatore Scarpa has been a Mentor Through Film partner since our first short project in 2018.

Working with a mixture of Natural and artificial light he brings out the wonderful in the subjects he photographs.

Click on the button above to take you to his web page for further details of his work.


Studio K, based in Richmond is home to a vibrant community of adults and young people, who enjoy a variety of dance styles, with class options available throughout the year.

Click on the button above to connect with their vibrant community and to get to know more about what they offer.


A further education college for adults, with over 7000 learners. Located two minutes from Richmond station, RHACC are within easy reach of London to suit learners travelling across the city. As well as over 1900 courses, they host an exciting events calendar featuring concerts, drama, lectures, workshops, displays and fairs throughout the year.

Click on the button above for more about their work.


Welcome to Lmnh Kitchen at the Loom. A new cafe - bar in Whitechapel; open every day to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat in or take away.

We have wifi! There's smiles, Square Mile coffee, Canton Tea and lots of delicious cake. We have a large selection of London brewed bottled beers from the likes of KernelBeavertownRedchurch & Howling Hops. Spirits, cocktails and wine is also available.


Wonderphil Entertainment represents films at the major Film/TV markets, including the American Film Market (Los Angeles), EFM (Berlin), FilmArt (Hong Kong), NATPE (Miami), MIPTV & MIPCOM (Cannes) and the Cannes Film Festival/Market.

Buyers from all over the world attend these markets, providing them the opportunity to sell films to individual territories. Between markets, they place films for domestic & international release.


At Mentor Through Film we are keen to hear from individuals and organisations that would like to support us with skills, equipment, locations and logistics.

Please do contact us if this is an area where you are able to help support the talents we mentor.



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